The Exordium

by NyxotiK

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My first collective of collaborations and original songs. This mixtape is un-themed with a lot of variety but with many theme-based songs and plenty of scene-depicting verses!


released June 1, 2012

Cover Design done by SikIzzy of KinectArt

Track 2 prod. by DJ Premier
Track 3 prod. by Flawless Tracks
Track 4 prod. by DanNy Lifted of Auditory Productions
Tracks 5, 6, and 10 prod. by King I Divine
Tracks 7, 11, and 14 prod. by DJ Pain 1
Track 8 prod. by Epik The Dawn
Track 9 prod. by Klassic Beets
Track 12 prod. by RedHook Noodles
Track 13 prod. by Rockit Productions

ALL tracks Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Nick Drillis (aka Nyxotik) at the Glass House Recordz recording studio




NyxotiK Boston, Massachusetts

At first i filled entire notebooks with corny punchlines and cliche topics which can be heard in my earliest tracks, but as time passed the substance of my music has deepened. Topics like religion, politics, and social awareness are now my choice. I have a very wide range of styles in both my lyrics and in my beat selection, so you can expect me to touch on various topics over unique instrumentals ... more

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Track Name: The Exordium
take a close look and interpret whats right in front of you
smoke a blunt or two while i drop it over the ones and twos
…perhaps nothin more than what youve seen before but
quickly you feel the heat without having to put a gun to you

… lyrics quality… flows on point
engineering's solid. go 'head, call it what you call it
cuz ive never gave a fuck about all you little toddlers
who pass up on the knowledge and live life inside a wallet

uh… my minds racing, heartbeat is increasing
blood flowing deep breathing, thoughts growing, nerves freezing
im ready, so if seeing is believing then keep an ear open
… cuz this right here's the evening

i blast passed em all rapidly, fast trackin a rhapsody
rap faster yet tactfully, back-packin it happily
last drafted but practically last laughin no actually
half-assed is a tragedy, never lesser than stellar

never ever been better than what you see currently
currency's none of the reasons thats all gluttony
suddenly this uppity company seems puppetry
luckily somebody hungrily flows comfortably

i dare you to say something or come at me
you can do it solo or do it accompanied
doesnt really matter, the mad hatter scatters
words and vocabulary in every which way it just may

be headed to your vicinity willingly spit it brilliantly
visciously rip it into 3 peices and now ya feelin me
real emcees seem to have that effect and fittingly
if different is a sin, i'll forever live in infamy
Track Name: Letter Of Intent
when life dealt lemons, i made bacardi lemon
but ive grown, got more dollars, now its patron
all these haters turned off by the fact that im on
took the panties off of hip-hop now im makin her moan

aint sure of what'll happen when my cd finally gets released
but whateva comes i'll let my homies get a piece
enough to go around, tell me that dont feed your interest
more plates up on this bitch than a mikey deez bench press

yall dont understand, i want this more than you imagine
to drop a couple lines here and there wont make it happen
thats why im laughin when faggots take this as their cue-to-call
and ask me for a track, but the ink up in my uni-ball

dont give a shit bout you at all unless you put the work in
playin wit the green dont mean your startin center kendrick perkins
first things first, you dedicated or you aint
my forward person when im hard up in the paint

bunch of craig sagers, actin like you all about it
doesnt mean you know the game just cuz you talk about it
put yourself inside my shoes, put them hours on the punch clock
mastered this before you bachelors sat down for lunch-block

… went to college tried my hardest and failed
but you feelin all my lyrics like i wrote em in brail
dudes of every class try to sign up then they opt-out
all them bitches scared of gettin schooled by the drop-out

so clock out, take your seat and lend your ears to me
age dont mean a thing to me, so if you got a some years on me
you might just be surprised by the knowledge that you hear from me
sincerely yours, p.s your opinion dont appeal to me
Track Name: Ask Somebody Feat. Jon Doe
(Verse 2)

ive never been a gangsta, dont play the cosa nostra game
over here grindin servin packs of verbal novocain
i overcame the holster game exceeding my own poster name
to almost famous still resist the sudden urge to go insane

i came fast in… hah, no ramadan
fuck the world, its on my crotch no condom on
im too raw, so move on to the next one wit ya shy talk
and i got plenty beef if you shopping for some livestock

we pour the product of the sauvignon blanc
… c'est le meilleur vin exportées de la France
yes, thats french for "this finest shit available"
i does it when i do it, what the fuck did yall want?

bishop don juan, yours and mine just aint comparable
aiming for decisions like "the auto or the manual?"
huh, i wont let up til my bread up ima let ya know that
more is always better, you can bet i'll cop a pair of em

(Verse 3)

lyrics so intelligent and genuine, its medicine
the key to this whole thing like the motherfuckin skeleton
visions ignited, decisions decided... im limitless.
guided by hybrids of blinded and sighted. wind it up in my eyelids

so when i dream i see the life i wanna lead
then i look back at my own and see just why i wanna leave
cuz musics an escape from this evil world we call home
now that im all grown, im ready to face it

not everyone can rap, if you got it then you got it
if you dont then you should stop it steada feedin us your garbage
dont try to camouflage man the locals know the tourists
we know theyre fists small while their vocal chords enormous

whats the purpose? of droppin worthless verses full of curses
sounding nervous wit ya service. you aint even scratch the surface
much less earned it, so if you try to fight me wit the vocab,
you'll catch a toe tag as fast as hilton catches go-nads
in night vision, pain on the tables and my life-vision
Track Name: R.A.W Feat. Hot Topic
(Verse 2)

it aint fair to say i spit bitch i vomit it
man-made but meant to be wit stars like a rocket ship
my first two mixtapes, i didnt profit shit
this time around i'll be sure to deposit it

almost called it quits, learned how to market it
gathered all the tools i need to build my conglomerate
we goin world wide, this is just the dawn of it
sound the trumpets, on the brink of bein donald-rich

uncommon knowledge earning common cents
but common-sense says moneys not common scent
so im sniffin it out, but wont do whatever for it
dudes made that mistake and been dealin wit karma since

im an asshole, loudmouthed and ignorant
baby dont be mad, we're really not that different
i just speak openly about the things you'd hesitate
matta fact, fuck you all, all you bitches betta hate


turn it up and hold your head next to the wall
acin every track, we the best of the draw
men, women, children… we infectin em all
spit without protection, we projectin it raw
Track Name: Hometown Hero (Remix) Feat. ScienZe

hometown hero, never was a zero
fly on a flight bookin tickets im gone
to be that hometown hero
they do it strictly for dinero
i do this for my people every second im on
i wanna be that hometown hero, never was a zero
fly on a flight bookin tickets im gone
i wanna be that hometown hero
i wanna be that hometown hero

(2nd Verse)

lets take it back before the music and the booze and shit
before i had a clue that i'd turn out to be so true to this
when i was just a loser using school to catch a snooze and it
was more than just the jewelery or the cuties that we're cruisin wit

the meaning of it all was a passion that i'd die for
ideas of using rhyme to touch the sky like its july 4th
cuz now i look at rap and see its nothin but an eyesore
guess i cant complain cuz that only lets me shine more

so crack a bottle and lets toast it to tommorow
in a hope that i wont topple while im climbin up the ladder
cuz i swear it makes them madder when you speakin on what matters
chitter chatter's all im hearing, when i show they spill theyre bladders

hah, yeah i like the sound of that, bet you i astound wit that
trappin i aint down wit that, im backpack and im proud of that
you'll never see me bound to that, so tie a cape around my back
and watch me while i take off, right now i gotta go and be the
Track Name: No Coming Back
(Verse 1)

these shoes done learned there share from these streets
these hands done earned paired ears for these beats
this mouth gone placed dairy-airs in these seats
and these statements kept playlists blared on repeat

where'd he go, the who, what, and how
the questions keep coming straight out of they mouths
conclusions were drawn and publicly announced
well my question to you is who runnin shit now?

cuz i cant figure it out, so reason my doubts
probly politics as usual, can i please live without?
but, they cant knock my hustle, cashmere thoughts
and dead presidents hydrate through seasonal droughts

i guess what im tryna tell you is hope is lost
to the hopes and thoughts that my focus dropped
cuz all that hocus pocus just prevokes emotions
its over, im gone. only thing i know is there....

(Verse 2)

the last mile thou art passed, bygones are bygones
signed on, now im on one, right on
is this mike on? tyson wit punchlines
unsigned like front lines in saigon wit carbines

fully loaded, clips exploding brat-at-at-at
you just folded, nick just owned it, pats at my back
congratulations... glasses of yak to the victor
pictures, autographs by the mr. take em wit ya

this the, return of the comeback kid
who the fuck that is? that lil rugrat spit
yo punkasses, please dont jump that ship
less you know how to float like a humpback bitch

...cuz i go off like a pump-action
flows impeccable, bars inflexible
soul's incredible, words exceptional
thats four ways to measure greatness... fourth dimensional

(Verse 3)

thinkin theyre familiar cuz nyxotik's in their radius
stupid fuckers, thats not me its just my alias
you wanna say you know me, get to know nick drillis
cuz no stage name gets to hold this brilliance

gucci, fendi, prada, louis, dolce & gabbana
juicy, chanel, and bvlgari, michael kors, dior, and mavi
true religion and versace, french connection and armani
wit all these other names i rock, no wonder they forgot me

… figure its time to step on outside of hibernation
and become the supervisor of this entire miser nation
… back in the office, sit in my chair and bring my feet up
damn, that winter was cold, but you can relax, i'll turn the heat up

who woulda thought, that id be the one, everyone has to grab a piece of
so grab a few bottles, open em up, sorry who has to clean up
… but no i wont ease up, we only speed up. visa's valid somewhere
you run where? thats ashame, we on the runway, asta la vista
Track Name: Finally
(Verse 1)

when you gon make it kid? … will you ever?
hows the writin coming along? … ya stayin clever?
how bout the engineering? … is it soundin pure?
or that illness that you have … have they found a cure?

what about your clothes homie, you keep it fresh?
you needa up your rep tho, you should seek arrest
that'll help you convince em that your real
everybody knows that the truth's inside the steel

your music's tight but your image needs improving
act like you've won even though your really losing
wear mad jewelry, they'll find that amusing
your paid, who cares bout making betta music

my styles different, and i do it just because
then i smile bigger, vile figure do it just for fun
then my vibe'll switchup, im runnin circles round
my hometown but wont jog a mile wit 'cha… this is me

(Verse 2)

watch the time shatter, hear the limits crack
from the pressure and the posture this youngin's bringing rap
theres an era called old school i'll bring it brack
cuz theres just somethin missing from this modern music

… some call it grooving, moving, or vibing
its proven in time to amuse when your riding
nothing more than some east-coast hip hop
soul track covered in that east-coast slick talk

… finally, according to the wristwatch
pioneered before my birth-date, worst case
first named verse-spitta, worked late
overtime over rhymes, underrated over time, what a crime

im appauled like pierce, several years in the making
debilitated, stimulated, now anticipated
ive made it… nothings felt so natural
the past is passed, pass the torch, im here at last like finally
Track Name: All I Can Be Feat. Halii Green
(Verse 1)

you can thank me now for the words that ive encumbered dog
… tried so hard and im tired of bein underdog
dont think you understand what im tryna overcome
or maybe you just oversee the pressures that im under dog

put my shoes on and walk around just for a little bit
my life is more than that but i bet you'll get the jist of it
you'll see what i see and understand why i im so sick of it
hold your tongue and call me apple if you think i give a shit

but face it, we all get a little embarrased
when our caring grandparents hear the music we're blaring
stopping and staring like something wrong that we're wearing
saying shoulda stayed in school instead of rhyming and swearing

in fact, lookin back i guess i wasnt that studious
couldnt find a clue what to do with a nucleus
or remember the molecular structure of nutrients
call me crazy but i just viewed through its usefulness

maybe i was foolish, looked at school and was dubious
instead i turned to music… you accuse me of ludacrous?
labeled as a fugitive askin how could i do this shit
deemed ruthless as they question my humanness

but its fair for you to look at rap and tear it apart
keep listening you'll find that what your hearing is smart
take a clever mind and then you pair it with heart
what you get is not music, this right here is an art, thats why…


I am what you see right here
and if your asking common then you better not ask me
theyre tellin me, do this … do that
but i just can fall for that
i am everything i ever wanted to be
and thats all i can be
just me

(Verse 2)

friends feelin who i am but fans like the guy ive grown to be
its harder than you think tryna find who you supposed to be
specially when ive seen the back of everyone thats close to me
the path is only starting and already's eaten most of me

thats shouts to kyle powers way out in los angeles
he use to hang wit us now he's shuttin down stores
showed me that the life we lead is full of open doors
and im just proud you said i shedded equal light on yours

those who still here arent giving me the guidance
that im looking for the ones who do have it sit in silence
… they advising go hollywood, i probly could
but ask me if i want to become everything i speak against

dad you always told me you was street smart
so you should know its not wealth but respect that wins the streets heart
so please stop tellin me i gotta make a melody
with catchy hooks that ev-er-y body likes

for that i'm not ready see… i dont think i'll ever be
when the road ends im not bringin any wealth with me
you were never scared to go and hustle for your dollar
and im proud but still tryna change the color on my collar

see, i could blend in front where the music is loud
but instead i stand where im set apart from the crowd
just tryna make the best of this gift i was dealt
but dont ever ask me to just do it to sell because...

Track Name: Strong Will (Remix) Feat. ScienZe & Jazz Horn
(2nd Verse)

be quick to forgive, when you most want to judge
we too busy to live while holding on to a grudge
be patient with friends cuz they'll make some mistakes
never follow the trends, be in charge of your fate

live, love, and embrace cuz today is the dawn
of a future to make when yesterday's gone
this melody's yours so keep singing your song
give a pleasant surprise instead of proving them wrong

show them all what you know instead of tryna impress
with the things that you dont cuz they'll think of you less
be greatfull when blessed, not all of us are
your never off target if you shoot for the stars

you dont hear with your mouth, if you listen you learn
if you trust what you feel, theres no cause for concern
when the curtain goes down and they turn off the lights
but still cheerin your name… you'll know you did it right

the divine scienze
Track Name: Look At Me Now Feat. Anonymous Logic & Elijah Wohlmuth
(Verse 1)

15 beacon dolo drinkin manhattans
ask me how i'm feelin ill say pretty damn happy
there goes number five, i probly shouldnt drive
so i'll just hitch a ride wit all these dudes up in my bandwagon

but cant forget about them 2am nights
back in vegas for the video shoot wit sean white
or how about departing on a 2am flight
headin home when that chick said "your doin alright"

…it took about a year before it hit me
i didnt understand cuz i was feelin kinda tipsy
… but lookin back i appreciate the comment
its exactly what i needed, it just wasnt what i wanted

… my fantasy woulda seen me signing autographs
reality had told me i had fallen off the path
months later, no deal. now autumns past
but those three little words sittin on my noggin

tryna let me know that opportunities are knockin
the balls in my court, will i dunk it or just drop it
… i cant seem to find the answer
dancing in the rain, questions fallin on my conscience

… i could really use some sunshine
to dry up all these puddles that ive made from all these these months cryin
… its time to leap without caution
prepare to see the version of me with one option

(Verse 3)

mainstream's left, the real headed home
im still gettin sick of what theyre still lettin go
never played live, but im still best in show
and ive never pitched a rock, but im still set in stone

it seems picture perfect but that dont mean im flawless tho
big set it best, more money more problems bro
… you can say we all got em but the fact is
for people like me more regrets is more distractions

i spend too much time wishing i could fix em
need to change them into gateways, not restrictions
a straight way to redemption and do it fast
how bright is your future if your present's in the past?

so my heads held high… careers about to blossom
you aint gotta ask to know that everything is awesome
tipsy outta hand, to those around us beg your pardon
im nearly outta breathe from always chasing superstardom

… when my imagination runs i paint a picture of it
throw it in a verse and i could probably convince you of it
… so welcome to this theatre in my mind
hold your albums up high if your tryna get em signed

and i'll try to make the rounds while i try to wear this crown
the good life's about to start feeling how it sounds
… thank the man above cuz i been waitin on it
longer than a minute, go head.. picture how im living
Track Name: My Way Feat. Marka

they said i could never do it, i will never stand up, i'd never survive it
but i dont care what they say, ima do it my own way
and if these people cant handle the way i do me
i wont have to answer, i'd finally be free
they say i should do how they say but ima do it my way

(Verse 1)

all of us are born with hard decisions to decide upon
are you the type to ride or the type that people ride up on?
the kind that sees and takes when opportunity is reachin out
or dwells on past regrets and swallows pride to preach em out?

either path has pros and cons, goods and bads, nights and dawns
but one has others questioning which side the brighter light is on
now, i took what i could get and most are hoping failures all i'll see
but look im not upset and those aint know the glamor's all for me

its MY dedication, also MY display of bravery
imPLIes my promised haven is outSIDE the path thats laid for me
a HIGHer destination is where MY valet is stationed
when its TIME for compensation i'll deNY your chance to taste it

cuz you DIDn't help me get it so im NOT gonna give my praises
oPINion's say thats sickenin but i'll ROT here within my wages
before id ever think to thank a bunch of haters for their
child's play cuz what you dont know is i do it my own way

(Verse 2)

its like we playing simon says, but i forgot my hearing aid
deaf to everyone and anyone that even dares persuading me
degrading me while claiming they're upgrading me
without ever having taken off their shoes to trade with me

cuz they pretend they understand what it is im tryna do
speaking from experience but they never done like i do
if for any reason they think my quest is bout to flatline
you can tell em all to kiss the crevice on my backside

everything i said before's a preface to my last line
now you bout to watch me gettin reckless before halftime
mom aint birthed a son, just a menace to this pastime
thats the last time ill sit in silence while im chastized

most that always knew me wont recognize me later
now im specialized, wait... let me emphasize it greater
the refinement is complete, introduce you to the new me
if you dont like it, hah, join the bitches that have blew me

(Verse 3)

here's the essence, i was late for class but surely made my entrance
take attendence, intimidate other classmates with my presence
its intense, but this industry's infested, ive invested
too much time to give up now so no i wont regret this

its my duty, its my calling, and theres nothing left to fear
i just burried all my problems now there finally resting here
stalled a while, yea, but i just shifted extra gears
no you didnt know me last, but bet your ass you will this year

its like the planets all aligned or theres a glitch inside the matrix
i can taste it its so close, the days approaching that i'll make it
i wont act it, i wont fake it, brought it back to all the basics
cuz this passions what you make it, i can see it clear as lasiks

ima take it and display what this is supposed to be about
cuz lately i cant take the bullshit that be flying out they mouths
there i said my piece, down the gullet try to stomach it
and watch these rappers plummit cuz they know they cannot fuck wit it
Track Name: Now You Know Feat. Jon Doe, Hot Topic, & Anonymous Logic
(Verse 1)

fruits claimin they squeeze but man thats pulp fiction
only crime you guilty of is choked chickens
let the plot thicken, i could kill you on a track
still nobody'd buy your ghost writtens… nah

im bout it til im in my cold-hearted urn
and i'll still be sicker than a whole lotta germs
concieved as a seed then was grown out of dirt
in a cornfield beamed up and flown outta earth

quarantined for a month inside a lab for analysis
the studies showed that our minds were analogous
but theirs were more about sciences and calculus
mine was strictly meant to cause lyrical paralysis

their telepathic brains heard my psychopathic thoughts
for a minute and became paralyzed and then they dropped
i grabbed the steering wheel, crash landed down in roswell
let the feds keep the ship, im back baby alls well